The Resilience Paradox: How Grit and Grace Go Hand in Hand

“I am stronger than my body, more than my mind.”

- Rich Roll

Ocean rowing and normal life are more alike than you might think. We all have waves washing overboard, throwing our world into a tailspin. So, how do we respond?

During the first few weeks of my row, thick gray clouds blanketed the sky. Nights were darker than the thickest black. I couldn’t even see my own hands, let alone the ocean’s waves.

On one especially difficult night, the battles were endless. Every few minutes a sneaky wave would crash into my boat, grab my oar and slam its handle into my chest. The sheer force would knock the wind out of me, and before I could respond, my boat was spun 180 degrees backwards.

This frustrating, humiliating pattern brought up another question: When things aren’t going your way, do you dig deep and persevere, or surrender and put your energy elsewhere?

Endurance athletes often claim that success boils down to relentless discipline and just never giving up. But in spending months at sea alone, I’ve come to see success – and resilience – in a different light.

When you’re pursuing an audacious goal, there are countless ways to succeed. But grit is only half the story. The other half is grace. Success lies in having the wisdom to know when and how to choose both.

In this Tez Talk, you’ll learn how to:

Stay calm in the face of disaster and focus on what’s within your control when you face setbacks

Find your way through the darkness personally and professionally

Build compassion for yourself and others

Learn to practice greater self-awareness and self-care to up-level success and wellness across your life


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