People often assume athletes are built in the gym. But to master your craft – whether in sports or business – you must first find and grow your inner athlete.

This is especially true for solo ocean rowing, the hardest endurance feat on the planet. Fitness is secondary; performance is driven by mindset.

My story shows this lesson in action. Due to lockdowns in spring 2020, I had just 3 days to train in my boat before pushing out to sea.

To survive and thrive amidst the expedition’s obstacles – like week-long counter currents that pushed me backwards every time I rested – I had to change how I related to each setback, measured my progress, and focused my mind.

I came to realize that these setbacks weren’t preventing my success – they would become the very foundation of it. And when you make this connection with your own obstacles, you will discover powerful new ways to adapt, pivot, and accelerate towards your most audacious goals.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to blast past what “should” be possible by cultivating your inner belief in achieving the impossible. And then bring vision into reality with the skills to persevere with purpose and poise against the greatest odds.

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