In spring 2016, while I was earning my MBA in London, I got a call that changed my life forever. My father suddenly died. And he had taken his own life.

In the grief that followed I had a clear choice: I could recoil and withdraw, OR to choose to relate to this harrowing experience as an opportunity to grow into the leader I aimed to become.

I chose the latter. And to accelerate that growth, I decided to row across an ocean alone. And to dedicate the journey to inspiring others to believe in themselves and to create a positive legacy with my life.

There was just one catch: I wasn’t a rower or a sailor. I’d never even been to sea!

When I boarded my 23-foot rowboat in July 2020, the next 10 weeks became a crash course in transcending my mental blocks as I pushed farther out to sea, and further inside my mind and heart.

This journey taught me SO much about grit, resilience, and using setbacks as springboards for success. And, in addition to my 15-year journey growing from depressed college student into world-class athlete, it taught me to see every event – whether seeming “positive” or “negative” – as an opportunity to choose growth.

And it turns out, these are the same keys to success whether you’re building a business, leading a team, or simply aiming to become the best version of yourself.

How would your business, conference or community benefit from learning powerful techniques to steady your mind against stress and transcend your limitations?

The upside is enormous. When inspiration strikes, anything is possible. I’m living proof. And through my Tez Talk, that inspiration and action can come to you.

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