Let’s BUILD RESILIENT MINDS & courageous hearts to achieve your most audacious goals.

Achieve peak performance for your team, organization, and community using lessons I learned from rowing 2,700 miles alone across the Pacific and my 14-year journey to become an elite endurance athlete.

Get provocative, empowering, activating inspiration from Tez Steinberg as your next speaker.


I wasn’t born an ocean rower or endurance athlete. I chose to become one. And although you may not want to row an ocean, you surely hold some tender dream, where your greatest future awaits you. And you know what? Your dream is completely possible! My journey from experiencing depression 14 years ago to becoming an elite athlete shows that with the right attitude and preparation, anything is possible. That’s why I share honest, empowering stories to help you understand that you can do – and become – anything you decide.


The way to reach truly audacious goals is to grow into the person who can achieve them. In other words, achieving your dreams is not just about creating audacious goals, but most of all, cultivating your focus and passion for growth. To actively challenge your (limiting) beliefs, stay open to new ideas, and embrace the discomfort of change. In every Tez Talk, I offer unexpected stories to shift audiences’ assumptions about what’s possible, while guiding them to nurture their growth-mindsets.


Ambition is good fuel, but it’s not what propelled me 2,700 miles across the Pacific. It was my commitment to take action — day by day, stroke by stroke, long before I ever put my boat in the ocean — that turned the dream into reality. As a dreamer and a do-er, I’ve honed a wide set of personal, mental and leadership skills that I openly offer to audiences to help them grow from ambition to action.

Set a goal so big, you have to grow into the person who can achieve it.

Talk Topics to Turn Ambition Into Action & Unleash Your Inner Power

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