Resilience starts
with Belief

Learn how to train your mind and turn self-doubt into your greatest motivation.


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I wasn’t born an ocean rower. I chose to become one. My journey from experiencing depression 15 years ago to becoming a world-record athlete shows that with the right attitude and preparation, anything is possible. That’s why I teach empowering techniques to improve your growth mindset so you can achieve – and become – anything you decide. 


Plenty of people have goals – but very few take the steps required to achieve them. What propelled me 2,700 miles across the Pacific was my commitment to take action — day by day, stroke by stroke. As an entrepreneur who’s founded 5 nonprofits and as a speaker with over 10 years experience, I know how to take bold action, and how to teach you to do so, too.


The reason so few people lead extraordinary lives is because they become complacent. They achieve a modicum of success, and stop striving. They experience some comfort, and become addicted to it.

Where have you become complacent? Do you believe in your ability to grow into the person, team, or organization that can achieve truly audacious goals?

In your Tez Talk, you’ll hear shocking stories that will shift your assumptions about what’s possible and inspire you to recommit to your growth. And you’ll learn the skills to get out of your comfort zone – and then stay there.

Set a goal so big, you have to grow into the person who can achieve it.

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