Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Achieve peak performance for your team, organization and community using lessons I learned from rowing over 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean during 197 days alone at sea.

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Your Mindset Drives Performance

People assume athletes are built in the gym.
But to master your craft – whether in sports or business – you must first find and grow your inner athlete.


Named one of the "50 Best Young Minds in the World" by the World Economic Forum

In 2020 I became the first person in history to row across the Pacific alone from California to Hawaii with no prior rowing experience. The journey took 71 days and 2,700 miles, powered by sheer will and two oars. In 2024 I completed the Pacific and rowed over 5,000 miles from Hawaii to Australia in 126 days. I’m the only person in history to row this route solo and nonstop. 

This mission began while experiencing depression in college. Just leaving my dorm felt like a challenge. But when a friend invited me to join him in a triathlon and I began to train, I discovered I’m so much stronger than I thought. I’ve since come to realize, we all are.  

Over the next decade, I went on to run over 45 marathons, two Ironmans with top finishes, and a 145-mile non-stop ultramarathon. At each step of my journey I realized again and again, my assumptions and limiting beliefs about what I could achieve were not only wrong, they were completely irrelevant. 

I am stronger than my body, I am more than my mind.

From surviving wild ocean storms to guiding teams during turbulent times as a business leader, I’ve honed a set of skills to achieve seemingly impossible goals across diverse situations. 

Let me help you blast through mental blocks and unleash your inner athlete. 

Let me help your team, organization, or community to turn self-doubt into your greatest motivation.

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Inspiration isn’t something you go out and find. It comes from within.

We all have an ocean to cross.

And most times our ocean is more mental than anything else.

I would know. When preparing to row across the ocean – and then while I was at sea – I was pummeled by wave after wave of self-doubt. This is the storm that weathers our dreams. 

Whatever your goal, cultivating mental resilience is essential. The distance between where you are now and where you want to be is no greater than the space between your ears.

We all have an ocean to cross. What’s yours?

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